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What's all this talk of romance? Romance is something that needs to be destroyed and replaced with a new love that is open and unafraid.

Seeing your body in new ways. When who you are starts to come apart into pieces. And I wish you love. It's a sincere wish that you have what you need to be whole.

Slowly, thing become clearer to you. The fog lifts with the blooming dawn to reveal a mountain: strong and bold reflecting in the lake. You look at your hands and you know they are yours. It is your legs you see when you look down and they look how you have always seen yourself but never knew, were told to never know, and were kept from wondering and dreaming. But it's from these dreams that we discover our light and the way we light others. Saying hello again and again to yourself and all you have become in this body, that was once your worst enemy and is now your best friend.

I feel your strings, invisible, pulling me.

When the trees fall down, I hope they take the houses with them. And with them, all locked doors, all scared hearts, all closed hands. Then we'll begin to breathe again.

I take a breath, and my heart explodes with love and grief. I welcome you in, again and again, and oh how I've missed you.



tags: punk Olympia



early night Olympia, Washington

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